IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charter

Last year we took another step in our sustainability commitments when we signed the IFRA & IOFI Sustainability Charter, launched by the International Fragrance Association in July 2020.

The Charter is a voluntary commitment for fragrance and flavour companies, and covers sustainability in every sense, taking a life-cycle approach based on five focus areas; responsible sourcing, reducing our environmental footprint, employee well-being, product safety, transparency, and partnerships. It is a collective framework that seeks to help the sectors as a whole make further advances by sharing best practices, providing tools, and benchmarking progress.
With more than 100 companies involved, this collective commitment aims to make a difference, not just for the future of the planet, but also for people and the industry.
Phoenix Aromas - IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charter

Our continued commitment

We continue to be committed to evolving our ‘green’ practices at both ends of the supply chain to support economic, social and environmental practices that will benefit us all. An overall industry progress report will be published in early 2021, with contribution from Phoenix Aromas on its progress in each of the 17 commitments in the 5 focus areas.